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Hello. My name is

Simon Belt

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About Me

I’m an avid fantasy reader, regularly go climbing, and have a passion for building beautiful and fine-tuned websites to create experiences. Starting with self-taught HTML in 2019, I have since had the opportunity to design sites for several awesome projects, including Climate Contract, a student sustainability undertaking, and Many Isles, a fantasy hub.

Simultaneously, I’m highly engaged in youth sports: I regularly lead a scouts group and have co-led several WWF camps.

Whatever the project, I always delve into the undertaking with lots of energy, taking a structural top-down approach to break down the work and efficiently deliver good results. I like working in a team for mutual feedback and to complement my abilities.

I am currently available for short-term or part-time job opportunities in the IT and pedagogy fields, anywhere in the Zurich region.


Education Computer Science BSc at ETH (ongoing)
Matura and International Baccalaureate Diploma at Literargymnasium Rämibühl
Languages English, French, German
Computer Languages HTML, CSS
Youth Leader J+S Leiter Lagersport / Trekking
Sportkadetten Horgen Abteilungschef



Thanks for visiting! I look forward to hearing from you.